Gaining true lasting health is all about identifying and healing from the cause. You can do it; I can do it, anyone can do it.

Hi, I am Antoine Ward. I am that I am. I started this blog years ago, simply because I needed it. To hear and read the stories of an openly black gay male, who come from the projects of Baltimore MD, who have "made it out" due to his creative whit and hunger for personal greatness.

After viewing my posts, I would love for you to take Loving Yourself extremely serious and put it at the top of your "to do" list. Second, on that list should be Awakening Your Life's Purpose.

Dedicated to Health and Wellness, I discuss and share how I have managed, for 7+ years—and counting—to stay in full shape, both physically and mentally.

From experiencing and overcoming struggles, I've become aware of the opportunities that present themselves when we, as being, decided what life will look like, and continuously act upon said decisions. I too have become inspired to construct my very own active Lifestyle Brand—WardBody—a lifestyle I take pride in saying I live.

Unlearning and un-conditioning oneself from what's been taught as "the truth," and becoming aware as to what is. I am making it my personal goal to become better in every way, shape, and form and you should too.

Further, within the tabs of my website, I share personal life stories, workout regimens, my favorite recipes, and more to inform, uplift, and help the Everyday Athlete.

I hope from visiting my site you grow a little closer to loving yourself and living a Happier & Healthier lifestyle.