Lets Exfoliate!

Lets Exfoliate!

Me, myself I exfoliate once a day after the gym; two times a day if it is extremely hot, or if I have been sweating all day. As a teenager, no one tells us the importance of exfoliating and how it can help us when going through the stage of puberty. In addition to eating properly, exfoliating is one of the key pieces to having great skin. I use three tools (tools as in loofahs, cloth etc) in total to help exfoliate the skin on my body. Two tools on my face ( either Kiloline Exfoliating Loofah Pads or my Clarisonic Mia2, 2 Speed Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush) and one on my body (Earth Therapeutics® Natural Exfoliating Hydro Towel). 

Five great reasons one should exfoliate on the daily basis:

  1. It makes your skin smoother

  2. It helps counteract signs of aging

  3. It can stop breakouts

  4. It's good for skin tone

  5. It helps your skin care products work better

Exfoliating your skin is one of the puzzle pieces to gaining a natural glow. As we grow and age, the process of cell regeneration slows down. Which means our body becomes slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones. According to AWomensHealth.com, when old skin cells start to pile up on the surface of the skin, it can leave our skin looking dull, rough, and dry. Furthermore, the build-up of dead skin cells can result in excess oil and clogged pores, leading to blemishes and acne.

Proper exfoliation removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin and uncovers fresh new cells below. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. In short, a regular exfoliating routine will leave your skin looking fresh and healthy.

How often depends on your skin type. Those with oily skin can probably get away with exfoliating more, while those with dry or sensitive skin should do it more sparingly. Dr. Elma Baron, a dermatologist at University Hospitals Case Medical Center advises checking with a dermatologist to see what kind of regimen is best for you. Your face will thank you!


- Ward