The Best Birthday Yet!

I've cried, I've laughed, and I scrapped my damn hip on the swim pool step. If you have been following me on social media you know that I recently took a trip out of the country to celebrate my 26th birthday and my independence. But you don't know where I went?


Los Cabo, Mexico where I stayed at Casa Del Mar Golf Resort & Spa for 4 days and 3 nights, and may I say it was AMAZING! For my 26 birthday, I wanted to celebrate my independence & my will to live my life on my terms; it's what WardBody is all about, you know? Along with acceptance - independence is very important to me and should be for everyone I believe. To get up and to simply be so carefree, without having the thought of acting (don't act just be) carefree. It's FREEDOM. If you have not experienced traveling alone, I highly recommend it. 

Growing up for me my life always seemed to be on other people's terms and times. Coming from where I did it meant you didn't have options, it meant whatever was cooked for dinner you were going to eat it. It meant that the high school you were assigned to and even though you did not like it - it did not matter because you were going to attend it rather you liked it or not. It meant being evicted even though you've paid what you were supposed to pay and did what you were supposed to do, but because of the careless actions of someone else, it would cost you your livelihood. I do not like not having a say so, or options. I don't like the fate of my life being in another human beings hands. 

This birthday meant a hell of a lot to me. It solidified the fact that I am no longer on anyone else time and I am not willing to compromise me anymore. I will live my life even if that means living up and out loud by myself, and although I have been living that way for some time now. This trip just took it over the edge. I learned I cannot offer anything to anyone - friend, lover or reader if I have not offered it to myself first. I also learned that I crave solitude, even being back in the US. I love and value peace and quiet.

If you are reading this do yourself a favor and learn how to be alone. Create spaces for yourself where you are comfortable and try traveling on your own. I accepted that I will offend people, with things I say or do and with things I do not say or do and I am okay with that. My 20's will be lived out genuinely and organically if I do not feel up to it, I am not doing it.  

My nights at Cas Del Mar were ones to remember - one night I sat in front of the mirror and just voiced to myself of all the great things I am and am not. I cried about my mom, and about how I had to stop caring for people that I once have. I learned my worth & it feels amazing.

The second day in Cabo I went to go see the world famous arch and roamed in the downtown area where I ate at this restaurant called Johns (the best NACHOS ever!) On the way back I wrote a letter, an open letter for any more to read. Expressing to them how I traveled by myself and how it was just a great feeling and experienced. I dropped it in the back of the shuttle I was in, hoping someone finds it and becomes inspired. Even that little thing was just like "aww snap", lol it just made me happy to do. 

Worldly is a character trait I will like associated with my character. To know that I am not afraid to go out into this world and just simply be, rather I am accompanied by others or if I am just alone; is just so precious to feel. It really does something to you.

26 will be a success. 

And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.