10 Habits That Makes Me Feel Successful!

10 Habits That Makes Me Feel Successful!

If your daily routine is dominated by constructive habits that are aimed at getting you closer to your dreams. You will definitely find yourself doing what you are passionate about and earning exactly what you wanted to earn or more. Below are 10 habits that make me feel extremely successful.



Waking up at 4am—five days a week is a MUST! Even on most of my weekends, you will catch me tweeting out "Rising Stars" at 4. Which is my way of saying, "WORLD I AM UP! I am a real morning person. I love the feeling that the morning time brings and being able to put work in before the Sun even thinks about coming up. To know that I have already completed a workout, had a shake, read one or two of my books, did some research, uploaded a blog post and showered (maybe showered. It varies. lol), all before 9am? That alone makes me feel like #BOSS, and it validates that I am serious about what I am doing, and what I want to build in life.

Who you know waking up at 4am to write, read, and lift heavy a** weights? Someone who is dedicated, that's who!


"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking."

I like to stay inspired and the books/articles I read help me do just that. Before work, on a lunch break, and before bed. I try to get a good one or two hours of reading in. I sometimes read two books at once because I enjoy learning that much. You just never know when you may read your next idea, or your next piece of inspiration may pop up. I love when I read something, and it resonates with WardBody, it makes me go "YES" and instantly I just become READY.


Would I be Antoine without it? It's no secret that I like to stay active, and what better way to do so than to get my a** up and in the gym or even outside on the basketball court? I may not know all the rules to basketball, or even how to play correctly (do not judge me). But it does not stop me from hitting the court. Staying active is my thing; it keeps anxiety and stress levels down and not to mention it helps me look great. Whether it's yoga, a quick run or a HIIT workout I make it my business to stay active and to keep my heart rate up and blood circulation flowing. 


From business to personal, how you do one thing is how you do all things. Washing clothes, cleaning my room, or whipping down my stove is a key to success that DJ Khaled does not talk about! Success is being organized and tidy with the little things because let's face it if you cannot succeed at the little things—how will you excel at the big ones? These little things in life actually play a BIG part in how I function. I cannot begin to invest time into people and my ideas if where I lay my head is cluttered and smells funny. I believe your home is a great representation of your life, if your place is out of order, and it smells there's a slight chance you do too. I created the perfect office space in my bedroom and it inspires me every day to #GETSHITDONE!


I purposely avoid talking and texting; a little QT goes a long way for me. Sometimes I need a minute or 24 hours to be left alone with my thoughts. To have an open and honest discussion with my self (doesn't everyone do this?). You can get so caught up in the likes and lives of others, discussing their days and problems that you forget how you are feeling. Avoiding conversations allows me to stay focused and direct my energy where I need it to be. Like Diddy says, "YOU HAVE TO LOCK IN" and at times I need to go without answering a text or phone call to get my "Lock In" on. If I do not believe in anything else I 10000% believe that energy is transferable and I like to pick and choose when I want to be consumed with certain types of energy. Sometimes I don't want to feel how someone WANTS me to feel, or I don't want to feel how someone else IS feeling.

... It's not you—it's me!


What you consider fun will vary from person-to-person. My definition of fun is the MOVIES, watching a kick a** action pack film gets me going EVERY SINGLE TIME! I also enjoy hanging out with my homies and laughing. Like real hard laughter; that’s a good time. When it comes to fun I am a pretty adventurous and reserved person (wait, what?) all at the same time. If you are following me on Instagram, you’ve seen that I am watching Girlfriends, well rewatching. All eight seasons and to me that is fun! In addition to my funNESS, I also make time for my video games, from Grand Theft Auto to The Sims. I make time to get lost in virtual reality; it keeps the 8-year-old that's inside of me alive. Plus I love blowing up sh*t with Rocket Launchers. When that green light comes on, I am 8-years-old, and work does not exist.


You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes every day—unless you’re too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.

I believe it was Russell Simmons who said this? But anyway, after my morning coffee or my evening shower; depending on the day—sometimes both. I try to sit in meditation for 30 minutes. My favorite author Eckhart Tolle suggests breath meditation, which he calls "Experiencing The Gap". Tolle explains that “The Gap is the silent space between thoughts. It is the space where the mind stands still. No thoughts exist in this space. Hence, it is in the Gap that you can experience present moment awareness. From cultivating present moment awareness, inner wisdom and joy arise.” Breath meditation allows me to bring space into my life. When I become conscious of my own breath, I am absolutely present. Meditation offers the arising of space consciousness and it helps me recollect who I am after working a 9-5, or exiting a space that thrives off of negativity


I never leave the house without something to write in and to write with. Honestly speaking, writing my thoughts down allows me to express myself better than talking does. Whether it’s ideas, what I want in my future relationship, what I want in life regarding my future business/career, where is the next location I will be making content in, or the next topic on this blog; I write it out. I even take it a step further and write myself apologies for going against myself at times when I knew I was unhappy with something but did not voice it.

Dear Antoine, Today I feel . . .


Aside from Meditating, and just like reading; Music helps me center, inspire and motivate myself. Music (as I write this I am listening to Jay Z ft Blue Ivy - Blues Freestyle/We Family) also allows me to push myself when I feel like stopping or when I think I am done, especially in the gym. The lyrics from Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, to Nick Jonas brings out the champion in me! And If I am in my feelings you better believe I am listening to K. Michelle, Jhene Aiko, or Tyrese. Music can get me through whatever, and I love creating visuals in my head as to what the song I am listening to would look like, if I was to create it.


My calendar reflects many of my values. I value health so I have a time block in my calendar for exercise. I value writing so I have scheduled each week to write uninterrupted for 1-2hrs a day. I value recharging and new experiences, so I block off weekends or entire weeks—sometimes a year in advance—for vacations, even if I don’t know yet where I’m going. Using my calendar helps me become prepared and stay organized. There's nothing too small or too big for me not to attend to, and to add it on my todo list. If it matters to me and I am committing to it—it will be found on my calendar because again, how you do one thing is how you do all things.

What are some of your habits that make you feel successful? Share them with me below. 

- Ward

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