My DVD collection!

Anyone one who knows me knows I LOVE going to see movies. Almost every weekend you can find me in a movie theater. Rather it's Regal Cinema in Union Square, AMC on 86th street, or Cinépolis in Chelsea, I am there! Over the years I've racked up a decent amount of inspiring, hilarious, and motivational films.

My all-time favorite genre of movies would be Action. Kick ass, go hard films with well thought out combat moves of all different styles of fighting. Back in the day after watching action pack films, I would open up a can of whip a** on my sister pretending to be who I just watched on tv. No one could tell me anything. Rather it's The Avengers, Transformers, or even Cat Woman (the one with Halle Berry). If I could get lost in a film, it meant I was deeply touched. To date, I am a well-skilled assassin, who can defeat zombie's, while dirty dancing. 

If DVDs were still relevant as they were in the early 2000s you would find the hard copy of these films in my collection.