Snowboarding?? OO BOY!

I never knew how hard, yet so much fun to slide down the side of a mountain. February 9th-11th  I had the pleasure of visiting Mount Pocono and experiencing snowboarding, which I've never done before and because I am such a Daredevil I decided not to take any lessons or ask for any help, crazy right? 

I know the heading for this post says "The Joy," but it did not start out that way. I learned quick (because I am so observant) that you have to strap one foot to your board while using your other foot to guide yourself to the lift. A lift is the metal bench you must sit on to be taken to the top of the mountain. I thought I was going to have a hard time with this because I am afraid of heights, but surprise surprise I didn't. It's actually the most (if not only) peaceful thing about snowboarding. 

The hardest thing for me was exiting the lift once you get to the top. You have to position your board like an arrow, one of the guides said, and slide down to the safe zone to strap your other foot on your board, before going the down mountain. 

My first time down the hill was all pain because I was new to this I didn't know you are supposed to use your hips. you would've thought of all the youtube videos I watched on "What's a lift?" you would've thought I researched "How to Snowboard?" lol. The speed of a snowboard when it's on snow is so fast, it's scary. Majority of the time I feel, was because I got too scared of going too fast and because I also had no control over my board it would switch from my right leg being in front to my left leg being in front, or sometimes I would just be sliding down the hill with both legs in front of me. How? I do not know. lol

There was a moment where I thought I broke maybe 5 of my ribs, my lower back, my tailbone, and my wrist. But I didn't. It took 3 tries to finally get the hang (somewhat) of snowboarding, by the 4th time I came down the hill I was lowkey a pro. I was still falling but not as much, and my ride was pretty smooth.

The next day, my body it felt like the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Captian America took turns on averaging me. (lol) However, overall, it was a  great experience and I would most definitely do it again. I am a cautious daredevil and I learned that I can really only learn by simply jumping in and physically doing whatever it is.

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