6 Things About Me That You Did Not Know!

6 Things About Me That You Did Not Know!

I have come to accept a ton of things about myself and a lot of mistakes that I have made, and being able to share them with those I love has helped me take full control over who I am. I've come to learn that the moment you own up to the things you've done and make peace with things you aren't too proud of, you give others less room to ridicole you.  Just by saying, "Yes, I did XYZ!" You give people little to no room to whisper, pass judgement or hold whatever it is over your head for possible.

People will take your secrets, hold on to them and at the right moment air them for the world to know. I just do not believe in that. You'll never have to hear anything about me from someone else because I will tell you first; if you are worthy of me explaining myself. 

So, because you are worthy I went ahead and shared six things about myself that you may or may not have known about me. #KnowMe


1. I suffer (I don't really like saying "suffer") from Dyslexia.

When I was in school, I found it very hard for me to concentrate on things, even now as an adult. My full-time job has an open floor plan, and sometimes too much movement throws me off. Sometimes it gives me anxiety, and I need to walk outside to catch my breath. Also as a child reading was pretty difficult. I would force myself to read, and my mind felt like it was being fried. I would get sidetracked and start making my pencils fight each other or if I came across a word I didn't know I would feel defeated. I also never felt like the material I was reading,  was sticking; I didn't understand how my mind processed information. I use to shy away from books, but now I cannot stop investing in them. The reason why I dislike saying I "suffer" from Dyslexia is that now I am aware as to how I retain information and space and time I need to go about handling something to make sure it is perfect. And if you know what you lack, and make the necessary changes can you really be suffering? 


2. I've never had a Big Mac from McDonald's. 

Which is lowkey weird. Considering McDonald's was my first job, but for some reason, I've never had a desire to taste that burger. I think it's because of the Mac sauce it smells funny. My go-to was the chicken selects. OMG, I love a select. I would sneak two-three selects, (depending on the size #Pause) grab a Sweet Chilli sauce packet, and run in the freezer and go ham. Good times. 


3. I don't believe in God and I don't celebrate holidays. 

No, I am not Atheism. I don't think I have to be anything. I vibe completely wish energy and the universe that lives inside of me. I am my own God and all I need to believe in or have faith in is myself. I create my own Heaven and my own Hell. I don't celebrate holidays because I don't really think they mean anything. I personally feel tradition is what keeps us locked in cycles and social norms. "This is what's supposed to happen," If you will. Christmas is a setup for depression for the poor when they are older. I feel there are a lot of people who do not want you to know and understand that we are our own God because they know to keep a Nation going they need members to depend/believe in something or someone. Valentine's day isn't real. Thanksgiving does not belong to all of us. Black people do not celebrate Kwanzaa or Juneteenth because they aren't commercially successful as Christmas and Presidents day. For on those days you get great sales at Macy's, and Best Buy. I simply do what I want and that's really all I need to believe in.


4. I killed my mothers Bird and my pet Cat. 

When I was about 6 or 7, my family had just got a dark grey cat named, and we called him Pepper. A pretty little kitten that adored me, it loved me so much that it wanted to sleep with me the first night we got it; so I let it. The next morning as I rolled out of bed and threw my covers back, I heard a thump on the floor, I looked on the other side of my bed and saw the cat's body frozen. It had suffocated. I cried for 20miuntes saying, "I didn't mean it."  My mom put the cat in the box, and we buried him in our backyard, I never slept with another animal since. A few years later, I was 14, and my mom had just got a pet bird. It was a pretty Budgerigar. One day I put my finger in its cage, and it bit me. (I don't know why I did this) I took a pencil and used the erase side to poke it back in its chest, twice. Two or three hours later I heard my mom say, "Omg my bird is dead." She thought her bird passed away from dehydration. I never got a chance to tell my mother I was the murderer behind her bird. Sorry mom, Rest In Peace. (these stories are not funny, but lord I am LOL'ing)


5. Pet Peeves #TheBigThree! 

I have three major pet peeves that drive me insane. #1 is noises of any sort. Little tings, beeps, ticks or tocks, they all frustrate me. The sound of water dripping has to be the worst or someone tapping their fingers, or pencil on a hard surface; it drives me crazy. My next one is someone being too close to me.  In a movie theater, concert or on public transportation, it grinds my gears when someone sits or stands directly next to me. I develop an attitude immediately, (I do not know why.) If I am with a friend, they know to let me sit near the wall because I cannot take someone being so close to me. My third and biggest pet peeve is touching. I think it's very inconsiderate and rude to touch someone if they do not say you can or give you any type of indication that you should. Touching is very personal and you just should not do it, in my opinion. Do not touch me bruh. lol 


6. I am not OVer Sexually Active. 

TMI... I know. However, I remember very distinctly both in 2012 and 2013 I had sex one time each year. Yes, 364 days I went without sex. Truth is I am not a big sex person. I could have it once a week and be good for an entire month (not kidding). Sex isn't a huge part of my life, while it is enjoyable, it's not something that is always on my mind. I have a rep for making those I date feel as if they aren't desirable because I am not constantly trying to jump their bones, which can easily make someone feel insecure. It takes awhile for me to get to a point where I actually need "physical attention." But when I do, they will know.


What are some things that I do not know about you? Share them with me below. 


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