Stop Buying and Start Investing!

Stop Buying and Start Investing!

Back in 2016, I vowed to start investing in things, products and people that would help create and build the new earth that I wanted to be a part of and see. 

You may have noticed (or not) that I am not a materialistic person, and I do not believe in buying the latest or staying on trend. Now, there is nothing wrong with looking fresh from head to toe, if that is your thing. In my opinion, and at the age and space that I am in within my life, if it does not offer me something in return, I can probably do without it. I recently spent $170.00 on shoes, not just any shoes, a new pair of gym shoes. These shoes offer me support and balance when working out. My runs/walks/jogs are of quality, and I do not get shin splints when running in them as I've once had when training in previous shoes. #IssaInvestment.

I will run to Sephora where I am likely to spend $100+ on new toners, eye creams, face masks, or night creams(lol). However, in return, I look the way I do. At times, it's hard for me to pay $25-$50 for dinner and alcohol. But The same goes for grocery shopping. I do not eat out #Pause, so every Sunday I buy and cook two different meals for the week. One for lunch, the other for dinner, this can sometimes run me $70-$80, and in return throughout the week, I save so much time and energy, and I do not have to worry about lunch or dinner. 

It's so easy for me to buy a book than it is for me to buy a shirt or a pair of jeans. I will easily spend $120-$150 on Dietary supplements, then my phone bill (the truth). I can buy supplements quicker than I pay my phone bill because in return I gain the body I would like, and my health is where it needs to be. My phone is just another bill, and if needed I can stay in touch when I get some Wifi. I am not missing out on anything. (lol legit how I look at life.) 

Essentially, investing is a form of buying but what I mean is stop buying things only for today, and start investing in supplements, products, programs, and education that will be beneficial to you come tomorrow. I wanted to learn more about Interior Design, so I invested in an online course at The New York Institute of Art and Design to study more. I then wanted to learn AutoCAD to go along with the Interior Design education I had. I then enrolled into the New York Institute of Technology to learn. Then from there, I put those investments to work, and now I help create amazing Interiors for Commerical, Residental and Institutional projects for a well-known architect firm.

Little things like Journals, or a calendar. A Journal is something that can help you invest in yourself mentally (or even a therapist.), and a calendar is how you invest in where you spend your time, or how you move throughout your weeks and months. I know it may sound small or far fetch, but it's the truth.  Maybe you are someone who has a busy professional and personal life. You not only invest so much of your time at work, but you also make time for your friends, family, and lover. Maybe you need to start investing in Meditation classes or time to meditate, to calm your mind and get ahold of your thoughts and whats taking place in your life. Maybe you need to invest in Spa packages. 

There's a great place I've gone to-to practice meditation, aside from doing it in my bedroom. It's the New York Insight Meditation Center. Invest in more of what you want to see and be apart of; I enjoy art, light, clean, and green spaces. So I've transformed my room to feel this way, I own an aisle to create my own art, I repainted all of my walls in my bedroom bright white for light, I make sure I clean every weekend, and I buy plants often. Very simple stuff. 

Even down to this website, these photos, and my videos. The stories and information I share they are all investments to help someone, anyone, grow closer to their inner selves and show you that, you don't have to wait until where you want to be to start living who you want to live. 

I can promise you that when you invest in yourself, a world of opportunities will open up to you. And if you are someone who is looking to own a business or even fall in love, know that no one is going to invest in you until you do. 

In conclusion, investing in yourself emotionally, physically, and financially, will allow you to become a better version of yourself. 

So get to it! 

Share in the comment section below how you are investing in yourself?


Life Is Better When You Are Debt Free!

Life Is Better When You Are Debt Free!

hims. handsome. healthy you.

hims. handsome. healthy you.