Life Is Better When You Are Debt Free!


I turned 27 and turned a new leaf. I am finally 100% debt free, and it feels pretty amazing. For years—some longer than othersI had a few things on my credit that were weighing me down, making me feel as if my priorities were not right and I had to do something about it. 

For example, I had a Capital One credit card I maxed out to pay some of the people I worked with, a Fingerhut debt I carelessly created, a Sprint cell phone bill II just don’t even want to talk about it loland a Bank of America account debt I created back in 2012 *crying emoji*. All these things, roughly, coming to about $5000 in total. 

As I grow from young adult to adult, I know I want to do more with my life, more owning, and leveling up. There's more content I want to create and more stories that I would like to tell, and bigger and better projects I want to produce.  However, I came to a point where my priorities needed to shift a little, hence my absence from social media.  I enjoy telling my story through film and photography like the next man, and I value investing in everyone that helps me out. However, creating content, renting spaces, etc., is not cheap but it's what we do. Moreover, for me, it was just time to take care of other s**t that mattered. 

Debt Free Living.

There comes a time in your life when your actual life situation, you know the one you live offline? Needs to be worked on and taken care of. When I turned twenty-seven, I told myself I refuse to go into my 30’s, hell to even go another year being in debt. I cannot allow $5000 to be the reason as to why I can’t apply for a car (although I will never have one. I don’t care to drive), an apartment, or a business line of credit. EYE REFUSE! So, taking myself away from social media and paying creatives to help tell my story had to take the back seat.

Debt is a pain in the a**; thank GOD I didn't complete college (lol), I could only imagein. But I'll say this; if you are someone who one day wish to be something or someone great, do not skip steps.  Yes, create, brand and market yourself, that is very important. However, it too is essential to take care of the things we as consumers cannot see. 

You don’t want to be fly for the gram, but don’t have money to eat. #NoShade. That just isn’t smart. If taking care of yourself means we have to see less of you, then so be it, we’ll all be here once you get back from your hiatus. The goal is to live happier and healthier and to be able to talk your sh** from a place of truth. It feels better. 

It feels really great to be debt-free and not owing anybody anything; I AM FREEEEE. lol