What's Your Genre?

You may have noticed (or you may have not) my favorite genre, when it comes to reading, is Self-Help. I love a good underdog story, about the kid that dropped out of school, who didn't fit it, who wasn't the most popular, didn't have a ton of friends, yet had an idea and has made it. It's somewhat how I see myself.

I make it my business to read up on how some of the most amazing people that I respect, got their start and became who they now are. Meaning, the challenges that they faced, how did they get through them. What methods of self-help therapy did they use to deal with tough times, if any? How they inspired themselves to go on after a defeat? Reading about these things helps me SO much!

On this road to becoming, it's my mission to keep myself grounded and willing to learn from others mistakes or successes, so I stock up on a ton of self-help books.

Along with Self-Help, I LOVE Spirituality books, my favorite is A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle (I may have mentioned it once or twice). I can read this book a dozen times and never get tired of it. However, while I am not a religious person, I do believe there's a higher being (which is simply ourselves. Yes, you, yourself is God). When reading these type of books, I am reminded that my soul is in tack, my intuition knows all, and my connection with, both my inner and outer self is real.

From reading so many books in this the Genre, I have come to understand the power of energy, and how it never lies. I understand this being that I am, more and more, and my external self thanks me for it all the time.

Reading, for me, started out as something I dread doing. As a child, my attention span, along with having dyslexia, made it challenging to sit and sound out words. Furthermore, reading was never my first choice of subjects. However, due to so much taken place within my life-situation, and not having people in my life that could teach me these/certain things; i.e., how important it is to have morals and undo your childhood, I had to take it upon myself to teach, learn, and undo myself and make reading my top priority. There's so much to learn out here, and I want to learn.

TELL ME: what are some of your favorite books?


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