Rupaul & Wendy Williams and Why I Respect Them So Much!

Rupaul & Wendy Williams and Why I Respect Them So Much!

While I don't look up to many, simply because, well people are just people, however, there are a few who do inspire me. Rhuigi Villaseñor's, Iron Man, Kimora Lee Simmons, Captain America, and Beyonce, of course. But aside from these great individuals, Wendy Willimas and RuPaul are two beings that I've grown to admire, and in my head, they are, both, my friends and my mentors.


RuPaul, for apparent reasons, is someone that I respect and someone who I believe to be an ICON. To merely know the times in which he comes from, his era per se, and MAKING IT! Like really MAKING IT. I can only imagine, as a Black Drag Queen in the 60s-90s, all of what Ru has been through, yet, still prevailing in life. To me, this screams "THERE IS NO EXCUSE!"

Honestly, it made me look at my situation back in 2006 - 2016 when I thought I was struggling with having a supportive household, I can only imagine what Ru must have been dealing with; the jokes, the clownery, the judgment, the hate, yet, not only did he NOT give up, he excelled. Even on top of experimenting with drugs, just as Wendy Williams has. These two made calculated decisions to do and be better and acted upon their thoughts repeatedly, and now both are at a point in their lives where they don't have to introduce themselves when entering a room (I'm sure they do though.)

Ru recently released a new book titled, GuRu, which is dedicated to building the life you want. I haven't ordered my copy just yet, but I am sure it's nothing short than amazing.

Further, growing up black, poor, and gay is tough, but growing up black, poor, gay, and a Drag Queen I am sure serves its challenges, yet, this alone is why I respect him so much. Within "our community—black people—we don't steam far from tradition, the norm. Even those of us within the black community who are queer, we don't venture out to understand Trans POC or Drag Queens of color, not until recently, and I can admit that I have been one of those people. Wrapped up in my world, how and where do I begin to learn about the lives of my Trans brothers and sisters, or what it means to be a Drag Queen?

Growing up when I did, being Trans, or a Drag queen wasn't something many talked about or discussed. Personally, I've never known of someone who wanted to transition or one that inspired to become a drag queen.

This interview with Oprah has to be my favorite interview. Everything he speaks of I felt on so many levels.


"I'm just Wendy from the Radio, a girl from Jersey who had a dream."


As for Wendy, no longer Hunter, Williams. Born July 18th, (Cancer, just like me) I am obsessed with this woman. Picked at for her big mouth, and her "say it like you mean it" attitude, Wendy is doing, what I believe is a great job! A pioneer in the celebrity gossip, Wendy set the trend back in her early College days when she hosted her own radio show on campus. In 1993 on 98.7 wendy got a shot to talk smack about celebs and it was a hit!

Further, one of the main reaons, why I love Wendy so much, is because of what she chooses to share, her WHY, and how she decided to become who she is, today. Some of the stories Wendy shares on the Wendy Williams show are very heart touching, she's a crier, like me.

As of recent, when she chose to stand in her truth and speak out in regards to living in a sober house. To me, this is a sign of strength. Instead of feeling ashamed by doing whats needed to be down, she owns up to it all; admiration!

However, even before the sharing of this particular story, Wendy shared growing up as a black, fat, tall, girl in Jersey with her parents on her back as to how much she ate, what she can't eat, etc. etc. Experiencing two miscarriages, and even when she decided to do the talk show, yet, she still worked in radio. Only to arrive home to greet her 5-year-old; unemployed for only two weeks for the past 33 years, Wendy is an Icon.

To know, when dealing with drugs, she didn't even go to rehab. She simply kicked the habit and went cold turkey, and not many can do that. I don't know what it's like or what it means to be addicted to something (only coffee) and to struggle with stopping. I sympathize a lot with this woman, despite her doing her JOB!

The one thing that I love about Wendy is her, "I am just Wendy Williams from Jersey," because I am very much so the same way. Just Antoine from the projects on Baltimore MD who have a dream. A guy who loves his home life, and to mind his business, and it can be a Cancer thing but same!

Both Rupual and Wendy are my type of people. Misfits that don't fit in any one place, but they did not let A N Y T H I N G get in there way! They did not let up from living in their truths and in the way that they see fit! And I love that!

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