The Sound of Ballroom!

On any given day I am listening to the sounds of ballroom. Honestly, I believe this music is THE most creative sound ever created! I put together my favorite tracks circulating on Soundcloud. Listen and tell me what you think?

King(s) Of R&B!

R&B is my favorite genre of Music. So, I had to add my two cents to who I REAL king of R&B is and I think you may agree with me! Hit play and tell me what you think!

Gym Playlist 12!

Get all this good music. This is my most recent play list that I training to these days. From soulful R&B, to Hip Hop, and back to Pop, plug in and go harder. 


Afrobeat is a music genre that was developed in the 1970s out of a combination of West African musical styles, such as Fuji music and highlife with American funk and jazz, with a focus on chanted vocals and percussion.