Young Folarin! I am a little upset that not many enjoy the sounds of Wale. He’s a poet! Just listen to “NDA,” or “3 Hours 3 Days.” Wale is one, of few rappers, I actually feel when he raps. In other words, he raps about things that I identify with.


Folarin, the godbody flow
The godfather himself
Rest in Peace to Chuck Brown
He said, "Young man, when it's your time
You'll have the whole nation's capital and the surrounding towns 
And boroughs to not be following you
Well you and I know that's only kinda true
It was more like, "You shining lil' dude, see
there's a lot life lemons about to come through 
But if you run Joe, and bust loose 
And grind, grind, grind, them lemons are set up
You will get a juice"

- Staying Power

Antoine WardComment