It's No Secret That I Love To Cook!

If you know me, you know I love to cook! I love everything about the process of cooking. From finding a dish to make, the trip to the market, to the aroma of Garlic and Olive Oil *breathes in* it’s my thing! One of my dreams, as a dad, is to spend the majority of my Saturday's and Sunday's with my children baking cakes, and making little handmade pizzas for lunch. It's legit a dream of mine.

Further, a few years ago I was asked, by one of my followers on Instagram, if I could keep a daily log of everything I ate. At the time it seemed intense, but now I plan to do so, well maybe not a daily log. However, within this section of my website I am going share with you everything I eat, drink, and some of my guilty pleasures. This section is dedicated to taken care of your body and your self with the help of food.

You can expect everything from breakfast, lunch, diner, and even the junk food. You’ll learn about what I used to eat when I first decided to lose weight. You’ll get some of my favorite dishes from cookbooks I have invested in, and you'll also get the 411 on things like Xantium Gum; what it is and why it’s in food, Inflammatory foods, KETO and much more. I bet I'll have you cooking like never before.

I would also like to hear from you. What are you eating? Share some of your healthy snacks and dishes with me!