Hey Everybody,

Exciting news to share with you: I wrote a book! Like an actual book! The title of my book is An Organic Guide to Living Happier & Healthier.

If you have ever experienced a lack of motivation, a loss of purpose, or simply have had a hard time navigating your way through life this book is for you. This book encapsulates my 20+ years of experience dealing with (and overcoming) emotional trauma, financial loss, heartbreak, and many other misfortunes that life presents.

This book isn't a onetime read; it's a handbook that you will be able to keep with you and refer to when faced with difficulties or challenges. It will serve as a voice of reason for you when you're in doubt or uncertain about making crucial decisions.

I wrote this book for you. I wrote this book for us, and from the heart. So, tell a friend, your co-workers, or if you're in a book club spread the word, because on June 7th this book will be available in both print and as an e-book.

I wrote this handbook to serve as another tool in your toolbox.

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