Remedies for NOT getting sick!

Remedies for NOT getting sick!

The coldest days of the year are approaching, and I would like to share a couple remedies to help out those who would like to prevent getting sick.

I haven't been really "Sick " since maybe 2012, and I have never had a flu shot. Anytime I do get sick symptoms. It's due to my allergies which cause a stuffy nose and a strep throat and that has not happened yet this year.

Some of the remedies I have been partaking in, on daily basis are: 

Emergen-C / Airborne

 - I take one of these bad boys every single day when I get into work. 

Green Tea W/ Honey and Milk

- Hot green tea with some honey and lemon does wonders for a sore throat and your immune system. I drink green tea with honey, even if my throat is not sore. My favorite green tea right now is Bigelow Tea Green Tea. Then adding a splash of Horizon Organic Milk just brings everything together. 


- Oh how I love to sleep. Giving your body the proper rest is needed when it is cold out. In the winter, our bodies go into Hibernation mood due to the lack of sun light from day light savings. So when you are sleepy and have time to sleep. Just surrender to your body and go to bed.

 Mist Vaporizer or Humidifier

-  A cool mist vaporizer or humidifier can add moisture to your home and/or room which might help loosen congestion. Both of these products will do wonders. I own a Humidifier and I keep it on every night while I sleep. I wake up every morning feeling amazing, honestly. 


- Aches and pains tend to move throughout the body more frequent in the winter. The cold air makes your muscles and limbs ache. You want to invest in a good masseuse, to help keep those joints and bones lubricated. 2 - 3 times a month is ideal. 

 ( If you live in NYC, try out Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge Soho location and ask for  " Nelson Diaz". He has hands from God ! ) 

Eat Properly

- Food plays a big part in your mood and health. If you continue to eat sh** - you will continue to feel like sh**, all winter long. Greens, greens, and more greens. Soups, broths, and warm water. 


- Helping fight infections, treating alleges,  Infantile gastroenteritis, and helping with Acid Reflux. 

Yes, honey!  Just go ahead and swallow it. 


- Whenever I do get a stopped up, stuffy nose, Flonase is my go to. A quick and simple nasal spray that gets the job done. 


All the things I have invested in that has helped me survived thus far. Hope I can remain flu-less.  

  — WARD