Rising Stars!

wake up before the sun!

That quote comes from UK own Anthony Joshua; who is currently the unified world heavyweight champion, holding the IBF ( International Boxing Federation) title since 2016. If you follow me on Twitter you know I use this saying every morning as a Good Morning. 


Monday through Friday I wake up at 4AM to hit the gym at 5AM. Even on the weekends; although my gym doesn't open until 7AM; I am still up at 4. Living in New York it is easy to feel like there are not enough hours in the day to complete everything you need to complete. But I notice only the people who wake up at 10AM says that. By 9AM I have already hit the gym, showered, read a few pages in one of my many books, written down a couple of ideas, done some research and had my first— if not the second cup of coffee. At 9AM I have already put in 5hrs of work. 

This way of living started once I moved to New York and started working at a Muay Thai gym on Canal Street (Soho). I was scheduled to work at 5AM which meant I needed to be up at 4 and out the house by 4:15AM. I just moved to New York with no other opportunity so I had no choice but to make this one work. Side note: I always knew I was a morning person, the calmness that takes place from 4-6am is just so "YES" to me. Furthermore; once I quit the Muay Thai gym my new work schedule was 10am-6pm. But my body still got up at 4, so I listened to it. If you've ever been to a gym in New York City you know that it is like an overpopulated Zoo; everything in New York is overpopulated. But the gyms here are on a whole other level, It's very uncomfortable working out on top of people and I am someone who doesn't enjoy being very close to people so it just made me all out uncomfortable. 

With a new Blink (my gym's name) opening up near my apartment. It made it much easier for me to access a gym at 5AM and not take up so much time commuting, considering that the gym was a 5minute walk from where I lived. Overall as I stated previously—I am an early riser, I am an athlete and a business owner in the making. I have sh*t to do, so I need to be up getting it done. 

— Ward