Spinning While My Hands Up!

Community and engagement are everything I stand for. So it was a must to reach out to a couple of friends and have them come together to get their WardBody right for Summer 2K17, and to support a really dope entrepreneur. Harlem Cycle Fitness Studio is where it all went down, with owner and instructor Tammeca Rochester. Tammeca was so open to me and my friends partaking in a private session with her, where we spun for a good 55minutes listening to her well-organized playlist. 

Compared to the average spinner, I may be a beginner. Considering I only indulged in spinning 2-3 times out of the year. Reason being; I do not wish to lose too much muscle mass and spinning contradicts that. However; If you are someone looking to lose weight, and gain great legs; spinning IS FOR YOU! The benefits aside from the amazing music and the genuinely hyped instructors are tremendous. Some of them includes: 

1. Burn Calories
2. Improve Cardio Health
3. Relieve Stress
4. Enjoy the Authentic Experience
5. Obtain the Benefits Without the Impact
6. Build Lean and Defined Legs
7. Lower Your Body’s Workout Breaking Point
8. Train Your Abs & Core
9. Experience the Community
10. Enhance Your Mental Strength

Tammeca is a great coach and the studio is well designed and comfotable. I plan on revisiting. If you have not done so you should definitly drop by and tell them that Antoine sent you.