I LOVE this Oil!

Flaxseed oil (also known as linseed oil) is derived from the extremely nutritious and disease-preventing flaxseed. Similar to the seed, flaxseed oil is loaded with healthy omega-3s, fatty acids that have been associated with healthier brains and hearts, better moods, decreased inflammation, and healthier skin and hair. With its nutty, slightly sweet flavor, a tablespoon of flaxseed oil is thankfully not one of those health foods that are a torturous addition to your daily routine, which is great news given all the flaxseed oil benefits to your health.
— https://draxe.com/flaxseed-oil-benefits/

Flax Seed oil it is! 

I had a breakout maybe two weeks ago and I was trying to figure out what to invest in next for skin care; I wanted something natural, with no chemicals or fragrances. One of my followers on twitter mentioned something regarding Flax seed oil (I keep my ear to the streets) saying that "Flaxseed oil is extremely beneficial for chronic skin conditions, such as rosacea, acne, dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis, the fatty acids act to balance out the skin's own oils and reduce any inflammation, helping the skin to repair." So I did my research; watched a couple of videos and read a couple articles and came across more great insight regarding Flaxseed oil. 

The high omega-3 content of the oil is anti-inflammatory, which can quell acne breakouts, and irritated dry skin. And the oil also seals in moisture, keeping skin hydrated and healthy, which can firm up the skin, minimize wrinkles, dark spots, and puffiness. Flax oil can be massaged directly into freshly cleaned, still slightly damp skin or adding a few drops of flax oil can improve the function of your moisturizer.”
— http://www.onegreenplanet.org/lifestyle/how-to-use-flax-oil-on-your-skin-as-a-beauty-aid/


In addition to that, I read MORE great information. It's said that the oil helps with weight loss, removes cellulite,  boosts heart health, relieves constipation and diarrhea, and reduces eczema. I was sold; if you haven't noticed by now I am someone who really loves investing in new natural products that my body needs to function properly, and I love the fact that they are helping me look great as well.


However;  I was confused as to what version to purchase Flaxseed oil in; the actual oil or capsules? I went with the actual oil. Just seems easier to me—I can add two tablespoons to my shake, or I'll just do a shot of it. Then also taking a very small drop and fusing it with my daily moisturizer and applying both to my face and neck; I do this both in the morning and before bed. Over the course of two weeks, my breakout has cleared up, and I actually look a little tanned. 

I thoroughly enjoy this natural remedy and will be purchasing more of this oil. FYI it needs to stay in the frigde. 


- Ward