For The Skinny Guys!

For The Skinny Guys!

With some of the questions I get from working out. There is always two or three guys who are on the smaller side asking, "how to get big?”. Truth is, I didn't have much to offer them considering I’ve never weighed more than 175lbs in my life. I don't personally know what it means to be small and wanting to get bigger, I was always pretty chunky. I mean, I started this journey because I was big and not in the way that I liked. So I was a little off in this area, until now. Because I wasn't knowledgeable on this topic. I decided to devote my time and do some research to help out my Homies on the smaller end of the scale, and this is what I gathered.

1. Invest in the lifestyle

Many people are NOT serious about the things the gains they ask for. They are not willing to commit nor push themselves hard enough. They want to get bigger, leaner, stronger, or sexier. But do not want to put in the work to become what they desire. Investing means buying the right foods, products and supplements that will benefit you on your journey. So start investing!


2. Live Your Life Around Meals

If you are consuming one chicken breast per meal, make it two. If you are consuming two slices of bread, make it  four. If you are using two scoops of protein powder, add in one more. Your life must revolve around eating, and of course it’s easier said than done. But to get bigger, think “Hulk”! When preparing dinner, ask yourself: “what would Hulks plate look like?”


3. Push Yourself To Lift Heavier

If 90lbs is your start off weight when Bench Pressing, next week you should up your weight 10lbs the next week, then  20lbs the week after that. Your new “start off weight”, if you will. Never lower the weight to 90lbs again, because you been there and you’ve done that. New results do not come from old lessons and this applies to your gains, just as much to your day-to-day life. You will not gain anything by going back to what you use to do. If it is too heavy try doing only 2 reps (which means lifting the barbell 2 times.) But the fact is, you will not see any new growth or results if you constantly lift the same 90lbs day in and day out. Push yourself!


4. Chill On Cardio

Too much cardio within your weight training session(s) means you are losing calories that could be put to use building new muscle, which requires a lot of cellular energy. This energy deficit cannot be replenished by oxidizing carbohydrates and fat, so the body resorts to breaking down muscle tissue (your gains)  for energy. To support your goal to build muscle, I recommend no more than two 10-minute cardio sessions per week. The less cardio you do, the better your gains will be.

    5. Carbs are your BFF

    …..But only the good kind. Not all carbs are created equal, you do have bad ones and good ones. Sweet potatoes, yams, oatmeal, cream of wheat, cream of rice, rice, beans, quinoa, blueberries and/or bananas. Would consist of the Carbs you WANT in your life. While doughnuts, cakes and refined white breads are the ones you want to stay away from; carbs are the body's primary source of energy, energy that will give you more man power to help you do #3.


    6. Pack on the Protein

    More protein please! The key essential aside from the rest of these essential is to pack on the protein! Protein helps build, and repair muscles and helps them to grow more efficiently. Also, because you are on the smaller side. Your gains will require more of this substances. Protein should be the largest portion within your meals. Getting your daily recommended protein intake will help you build and repair the parts of you that you desire to have. Whey protein, Plant-Based protein, Eggs, Egg whites, Chicken breasts, Turkey Breasts, Lean Beef, Fish (tuna, salmon), Protein Bars, Egg Protein Powder, Casein- Milk. Eat Up!


    7. Give Each Muscle It's own SPECIAL day 

    . Just like your spouse or someone you are dating, you need to make one or two days out the week simply for them. It's the same with your body parts. Show love to one body part every time you enter the gym. Your setup should look something like this: Day 1 Chest, Day 2 Legs, Day 3 Abs, Day 4 . . . You want to stress that one body part that day so you can let it know just how much you love it, just like your partner. 


    8. Rest Up

    Yes, you should sleep. Rest is very important for you, your muscles, and your immune system. And your body will thank you for it. Especially with strength or aerobics exercise, in order for your muscles to understand and appreciate what is happening to them, they must be allowed to chill out and reflect. So allow yourselves to rest up and let the growth of your new found WardBody begin.

    Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with on this topic, in the comments below.

    edited by jonathan smith



    Organic & Plant-Based.

    Organic & Plant-Based.

    Rising Stars!

    Rising Stars!