5 Shoes To Workout In!

5 Shoes To Workout In!

I find myself searching high and low for new work out shoes. It's a bit of a challenge considering some running shoes aren't great for weightlifting, and vice versa. I remember I use to train in a pair of green Saucony's and the shin splints that developed while running would take me smooth out. Sometimes I would cancel my entire Cardiovascular endurance session. If you never felt a shin splint, it feels like your legs are swelling up and the outside or the inside of your legs start to become really tight and with every step or jog you take you feel a small needle-like pain in your leg. It's the worst. 

So, over the last four years, I've invested in training shoes to see which ones work the best for both running, weight training, and high-intensity interval training or in other words HIIT and these are my top five; starting from best to worst. 


adidas Originals NMD R1 STLT Primeknit Sneaker

I've always been against spending a ton of money on shoes, but the $170 for these R1's are worth every penny. Adidas PrimeKnit sneakers are super lite, very easy to take off and put on, an overly comfortable. They are just as flat for weightlifting as they are flexible for running, they also hug your feet but a nice hug, not an aggressive one. They have a slight bounce in the foam sole and they look great. These sneaker get a solid 5 stars in my book.



Adidas Alphabounce EM's

Alphabounce is the second best weight training / cardio shoe. They do not look it, but this shoe is pretty light, and flexible and they live up to there "alphabounce" name. When running, it's as smooth and clean as it can be, and while lifting these shoes plant firm while gripping the gyms rubber flooring. Being the second best.


Nike Roshe

Roshe's retail for $90. Just like my top pick, Roshe's are lightweight, flexible and somewhat comfortable, and they are pretty stylish. I love how they compliment all black pants/jeans. The only problem with this shoe is, it will not last long. I have had this shoe in Red+White, Black+White (2x), and Grey+White, and I went through all four pairs from 2014-2015. Because the shoe is made of some type of cloth on top which offers ventilation (which is a plus), the fabric is too thin causing the development of holes. If you are on a budget, try buying these shoes in a one size bigger than your normal size.


Chuck Taylors or All Stars Converse

I remember when Chucks costed $40 in Baltimore, these days Chucks will cost you $90. Furthermore; while this shoe is great for weightlifting, as you can imagine, it's a nightmare to run in. Chuck Taylors are one of the best shoes for your big three lifts: the squat, bench press, and deadlift. When only performing weight training, this shoe is a go to, it's the next best thing then being barefoot. 


247 New Balance

The new edition to my gym show collection. These shoes serve a great deal in gym, but only when I know I am going to lift heavy. These shoe are not running shoes, I repeat, these shoes are not running shoes. They are mad comfortable and stylish at the same time, and at $80 bucks that's a win. 

Stay Away from!



This shoe isn't the exact one that I had, but it's close. I wore this shoe back in 2014 when I didn't know much about investing in the proper gym shoe. This is the that has caused me great pain on the treadmill training to get skinny. I will probably never buy another Saucony in life. 0 Stars


Before you go; a quick tip. When buying gym shoes, bend the shoe as much as possible. The more you can bend them the better they will be during performance.

Feel free to share with me some of your favorite gym shoes below.


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