My Leg Regimen!

My Leg Regimen!

Before getting into my regimen; I am in the gym almost everyday from 5am-6am. I wake up at 4am, throw back a cup of coffee and I am out of the house by 4:40am making my way to my place of fitness. Also with my workouts I have a Week A and a Week B. Week A is the week I workout to maintain, to simply keep up what I already have. The weights aren't that heavy and the intensity isn't through the roof. Week B is the week I work out to gain, which means I increase the weight's and the intensity of my workouts and I am really pushing myself to go hard or go home. 

I have a rotating schedule for myself where each muscle group has its own day. For example, my schedule will look a little like this:

  • Monday - Traps/Shoulders
  • Tuesday - Chest/Arms
  • Wednesday - Back
  • Thursday - Ab's 
  • Friday - Legs 
  • Saturday - Rest Day
  • Sunday - Traps/Shoulders 

      ..and so on

Leg day is a day that I actually dread. To be completely honest, It's my least favorite day when going to the gym. When I wake up the day after legs, I always feel like a boat has hit me at 100 miles per hour and I feel very stiff (as I right this, my legs are actually pretty sore.). It's the worst, lol, but they look great. 

Without further ado, below I have laid out my complete Leg regimen that gets me together. Also, I amy not do all of these exercise within one day, but you can mix and match them up and gain great results. Word of advice: you don't want to constantly go to the gym and do the same thing over and over again, you body will actually get in the habit of being ready for what it is that you are about to do and you will not gain anything from your workout. So mix it up.  

Barbell Squats 

  • Week A - 4 Sets - 10 Reps ( weight ranges from 90 to 160lbs)
  • Week B - 5 Sets - 12 Reps ( weight ranges from 180 to 270lbs) 

Leg Press 

  • Week A - 4 Sets - 10 Reps (270lb's)
  • Week B - 5 Sets - 12 Reps (360lbs)

Lying Leg Curls 

  • Week A - 4 Sets - 10 Reps (100-130lbs)
  • Week B - 5 Sets - 12 Reps (150-180lbs)

Leg Extensions 

  • Week A & Week B - 5 Sets - 10 Reps (150-180lbs) 

Leg Extensions w/ cable

  • Week A & Week B - 5 Sets - 12 Reps (20lbs)

Barbell Lunges

  • Week A - 5 Sets - 10 Reps (90lbs)
  • Week B - 5 Sets - 12 Reps (100-120lbs)

Leg Lunges using a box

  • Week A - 5 Sets - 10 Reps - (no weight)
  • Week B - 5 Sets - 12 Reps - (17lbs kettlebells)

Basic Squat on TipToes

(squat but when you come up, come all the way up on your tiptoes and squeeze everything from your butt, thighs, calves, etc.)

  • Week A & Week B - 5 Sets - 6 Reps - (no weights)

So there you have it, all of my great leg exercise I perform. Again, you do not have to do all of these together. The goal is to switch things up and squeeze. 

Share with me below some of your favorite leg exercises. 


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