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My Leg Regimen!

Training your legs is tough, sweat-pouring work. That’s because the muscles of your thighs and hips are some of the largest in your body. Leg workouts not only burn a ton of energy, but they also require you to produce a ton of energy as quickly as possible to keep your legs going.

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Get You Some Cider!

For the longest, I've been using a teaspoon or two of Cider in a clay mask that helps clear up dark spots and random acne break-outs that may pop up. I also, from time-to-time, soak my feet in it, and I take a shot of it as well. As of recently, I started dieting pretty heavy trying to lose some very very very stubborn body fat in my midsection and after some research.

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For The Skinny Guys!

You are worthy and you are great, no matter the size you are. But you can always better your best. Grab your pencil, pens, and notepads. I am about to help you gain some weight!

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